Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 54

I’ve now lost 21 pounds. I weigh in at 164.8.

I am nearing the 25 pound mark. That’s the weight at which I stayed on another diet for six months and didn’t lose any weight.

I’m hoping this will not happen with QWLC. I am hoping I’ll just keep dropping.

Truthfully I am amazed at the weight I have lost. It has not been 8 weeks yet. At two pounds a week I would be at 16. At three pounds a week I should have lost almost 24 pounds. And that’s what they tell you you’ll lose. But I don’t care about that. I care about what I actually lose.

I don’t think I’ll lose 3 more pounds in the next two days, but I am happy with the weight loss I have achieved.

BTW, they say I’ve lost 23 pound. However, I’ve switched from weighing in jeans to weighing in light weight shorts. However, because of that, they will probably say that I have reached the 24 pound limit in two more days.