Fall class

I’m teaching a class on “Heroes, Villains, and Henchmen.” Our first class is on Egypt and Joseph.

We’re going to look at slavery, mummies, and general history.

I thought it might be interesting to find out how much a slave cost and how much money people had. But, as you can see from the last post, how much a slave cost varied a lot depending on the time. It does, however, give them a feel for the idea of selling people. (Aack.)

This site has a Sunday school lesson on the Joseph story. But I really wanted to go beyond the story to the history and reprecussions. There is a thing on weights in Biblical times on this site.

This site on Greek slavery has an interesting overview.

Anyway, I can discuss it somewhat. Even if I haven’t figured out what, besides the funny mummies, I can do for a craft project.