Quick Weight Loss Center: Husband Day 2

R is not liking this diet. It’s mostly greens and beef today. I remember it not being horrible. But I went back and looked and actually the first nine days were pretty bad. After that they got better. Significantly better.

I figure that, since he’s a guy, he’s going to lose about 8-10 pounds in the first ten days. That’s going to make him feel positive enough about the diet to stay on it for a bit more time. At least, that’s how it worked with me. And if he loses 5 pounds a week, which is certainly possible, by the time I will have lost 25 pounds, he will have too– just starting eight weeks later.

But you know, it doesn’t matter. I want him to be in better health and looking better than he has been. So that will be a plus. And I’ll have lost the weight too.