Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 82: Biking the dog


I have now lost 26.6 pounds. In less than 12 weeks.

Of course, the problem is that QWLC is $45/week to add weeks. There’s no way I’m going to lose the next 14.2 pounds, my true goal weight, in the next 4 weeks. It just isn’t going to happen. Well, okay, stranger things have happened, but I’ll be dancing in the streets if it does.

Even at three pounds a week, well, almost. At three pounds a week I might just lose what I really want to lose. That would be very cool.

I am adding some cardio. I mentioned it yesterday. It’s not a lot, but I am adding some. Maybe it will help up my weight loss.

I did cardio today. Rode my bike with the dog. That’s a balancing act for sure. We found a rabbit and she went racing off. She wanted to chase a bird we scared off the ground… Then she’d want to slow down and sniff. She can run faster than I feel that I can pedal the bike and still keep a good grip on her and my ability to stop if necessary.

When she finally got the leash away from me she did 360 degree jumps in the air and onto the ground. Over and over.