Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 84

Twelve weeks today. I weighed in at 158.6 here at home. That’s 27.2 pounds down from 12 weeks ago.

It is not, unfortunately, anywhere near where you are supposed to be by now. Although they say I’ve lost 31 pounds, because they are counting from when I came in the first time. Which was the middle of the day in jeans and a shirt. Now I go in first thing in the a.m. in shorts and a tee-shirt.

At 12 weeks they say I should have lost a minimum of 36 pounds. They also say that it is my fault for not taking their caffeine pills. Give me a break. I looked at the two sets. They’re not identical, but they do have equal amounts of caffeine in them. And $135 for the same thing I can pay $60 for, at the most, is ridiculous. Yes, there’s is a pretty box, but that’s all.

I’ve thought about trying to find them on-line, I know they’re not proprietary, but I don’t remember their name anymore. I guess I could ask someone else on the diet what they are.

They said I need to take EFA’s, that those are what speed up my metabolism. I haven’t been taking them, but I wonder, since the caffeine is in the other stuff, if that is really what it does.

What I know it does is keep my skin from drying out and stops my joints from creaking so much. So I’m going to go back to taking them. I hadn’t been because I didn’t have them out.

I am out of caffeine pills and I forgot to get them at the grocery store this morning.