Presently reading

My brother has recommended many books, most of which I don’t want to read. I am presently, however, reading Planets of Adventure by Murry Leinster.

Lost on a planet that was ecologically prepared with fungus and insects 2000+ years ago, the descendants of a spaceship are dying out. The insects are huge, monstrous, terrifying. The plants are sometimes edible, sometimes deadly. The people don’t think, but run and hide all night.

Until, almost accidentally, one of the tribe of twenty, who is just as fearful and flighty as the rest, sees a struggle and puts together the parts which created the winner- weapons. Using his newfound knowledge, he sets out to secure food for his Saya, a girl with whom he is falling in love.

… Mostly the adventure is composed of details of giant moths, bees, wasps, ants, beetles, spiders, and their varying techniques of living, eating, and dying. But there is just enough personality in Burl, the man character, to keep you interesting in continuing to read.