Eternal Warriors: The War in Heaven, book one

Review from a disappearing site:

“Mariel thought she was the guardian angel of an ordinary boy–until the night an army of fallen angels took an unholy interest in her charge. Overcome by an angel prince of awesome power, Mariel can only watch as an even greater terror descends upon Christopher’s home, then vanishes with him.

Christopher had never believed in angels, or even in God, Heaven, or Hell. But he had never imagined an angel like Kaym, whith his hard-core style, terrible beauty, and distinctly unangelic disposition. Kaym has important friends and incredible power of his own–power that Christopher can share, if he’ll join their fellowship and take up their crusade.”

This is the story of Christopher Lewis, an agnostic sixteen year old, a sophomore in high school, who has been humiliated and taunted; the first day of the book his face was smashed in the snow while classmates watched. When the demons come and offer him power, he accepts. Through him the War in Heaven begins, with Lucifer using Christopher to access the power Jesus gave all humanity to call on his name.

It is also partly the story of his twin sisters Jami and Holli. They have some faith between them. But Jami is a little freaked out when angels appear and prayer impacts the spiritual warfare that is close to engulfing her. Holli knows God and isn’t upset by the fact that angels and demons exist. Together they go to save a world they never knew existed and a brother who has turned against all good without even recognizing it. They are given gifts to discern and command spirits and learn forgiveness.

These three are the main characters, but they are mostly the vehicle of the story. This, without pseudonyms, almost without allegory, is the story of God and Jesus and the angels who worship them and Lucifer and his angels, who have rebelled against God. It isn’t an accurate presentation, that I know of, since I doubt Theodore Beale was an eye witness to the fall of Satan. But it is a believable presentation.

The story is engaging and told well. It is clear why some angels choose Lucifer over God and why others would choose personal destruction over deserting God. The death and resurrection of martyrs is a glorious picture, not a horrific one. One thing this book makes clear is that no matter how beautiful or bright evil seems, God has more power and strength in an empty-handed gesture than the strongest sword ever brought against him.

This story is fascinating. It is well written, drawing me in from the back cover and never letting go of me. I read quickly, so I read the whole book in a bit less than four hours, even though I did have to go make dinner and eat it, in the middle. It all makes sense, how a sixteen year old boy can lose a faith that he never had and turn to darkness and how two fifteen year old girls can learn a faith more deeply and truly than many adults.

Eternal Warriors by Theodore Beale