MW E goes to alternative classes for math and science. M and I work on his school work at home.

TR I teach in the afternoons at the local community college.

Fridays M and I go to “Super Friday.” It’s three hours of classes for kids that include fun things like art, music, and crafts. It also includes history, Latin, and writing. I’m teaching two history classes called “Heroes, Villains, and Henchmen.”

S I’m back at the college teaching.

Su we have church in the morning and, this quarter at least, we’re leading a class in the evening.

Since my high school class didn’t make, my schedule will be much less hectic.

I’ve finished my syllabi for TR classes and sent them off to be printed.

I’ve bought most of the boys’ text books and ordered the others. They’ll be ready for pick up on the 23rd, which is when school starts.

I haven’t finished the syllabi for Super Friday. I’ve got to work on that some more, but it’s not starting until the 27th so I have a bit more time.

Working with E while he’s doing his other school work somewhere else will be a new challenge. As a homeschooling mom, I sometimes have trouble keeping things on track. But I guess I’ll have more schedule built in this year and have to work around it better.

It seems a bit strange that I’m not teaching at the high school, but it will be a nice change. Hopefully my stress level will be down as a result as well.