Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 89


I’m down 28.2 pounds. I’ve lost one pound in the last five days.

That’s not anywhere near as good as I wanted, but it is better than standing still.

Unfortunately, I only have three more weeks to get down to my goal weight. I don’t think I am going to lose 22 more pounds in the next three weeks.

I am thinking about doing my lettuce/beef/orange diet for three days again to get the whole thing moving faster. I’m not sure it would, but it might. I need to do something.

I’ve thought about telling QWLC that I may have to go out of town for several weeks and ask if I can put a temporary hiatus on my weeks. Then just keep doing what I’m doing until it gets down to where I want it and then go back in. That’s lying, but you know they lied to me and I want to find out how to add stuff back in AFTER I’ve lost the weight I want.

Maybe I could just call and ask if there is anyway to put a temporary stop on my weeks.