Homeschooling Junior High

In looking for something else, I went through my posts. I wrote this as part of an entry on 10/31/03.

“Then I would probably move to a three year (7-9th grade) campus where you get introduced to many new things. In my junior high, we had two electives a year. (It is the only good thing I can say about my innercity junior high.) The first year language elective course was eight weeks of four languages: French, Spanish, Latin, and German.

Maybe 7th grade could be all elective classes. Science electives. Math electives. Life skills (home ec, shop) electives. Fine arts electives. Introduce the child to multiple options and special interests.

Then the next year they have to choose. Limit the choices and allow them to go more in depth with them. For science, perhaps they could have a choice of biology or earth science. If they loved the languages, they could take two or even three languages and limit their other classes.

In ninth grade they could continue on with more advanced work in the classes they have chosen or start a new set of year long electives, or a mixture. Perhaps keep French, drop Spanish, and add music. That’s only three classes and I am envisioning at least five in the day, but that’s an example.”

As a homeschooling mom, how can I give my children this choice of electives? Is there any way? Is it possible to add classes in the short term for them? I don’t know, but I would like to if it is possible.