Heroes and Villains, Week One

I spent a good bit of time in my class today asking questions about Joseph son of Jacob Israel from the Bible today. I gave out a lot of candy for correct answers. I had two students who broke the rules and ate more than one piece while in class.

I found out that more of the younger kids (9-11) knew the Bible story than the older kids (12-14). I had twice as many younger kids (15) and I’d say three quarters of them answered questions. In the older group (8), only two of the students knew most of the answers.

The students were appalled that I asked math questions. If a male slave in ancient Egypt cost 7 deben and a deben is 90 g of silver, how many grams of silver did a male slave cost? If a camel can travel 20 miles a day, heavily weighted, how many days would it take to get the 400 miles from point A to point B?

They thought the iron hook through the left nostril to pull out the brain for mummification was either gross or blase. Half of them knew it beforehand. (What are we teaching our children in homeschools?)

I did have too much stuff to do. I’m going to have to work on that next week.

I generally have more things than I can get to because I am one of those people who absolutely deplore running out of things to do. I’d much rather run out of time and have to save something really cool, or skip something semi-cool.