Time perspective

A friend from four years ago came to visit. I noticed that I did not have a lot to say to her, other than showing her the cool things I have purchased recently. I had a lot of fun on the outings to do that, so… However, she is definitely not of the acquisitive nature; it didn’t really interest her.

Also she asked about my book and took the novel home with her to read. She is a voracious reader, but she thought that what I laughed at was a bit odd. I talked to my husband about it later and I think it was the aspect of the story being unexpected that I was laughing about. Since unexpectedness is a major component in humor, perhaps I was not laughing oddly after all. It did sound strange when I was talking about it though, that I will admit.

I haven’t read the book in months and wonder what I would think of it now.

She would be more likely to talk about new insights God has given her, but I don’t think he has given me any recently.

I don’t think the visit was uncomfortable, but I am less than pleased with the memories of it.