Church and class

I was thinking yesterday that I don’t like our church. Well, the people are okay, but the whole church experience isn’t doing it. No one wants to go, but we go anyway because we think it is important to go. What kind of church is that?

I was reading on the net about a church in Dallas which is high tech. I’m not sure I would like the church, but at least they are thinking about their customer base.

The last two weeks at Super Friday have led me to be very disappointed in the children’s level of knowledge with basic Bible stories. If M weren’t doing better than most of the kids, I would be worried about him too. He says it is a product of churches that don’t read the Bible in class. When they watch films and have lectures, no one reads the book. Then they don’t know the book.

Even the children who did know a lot learned some things from class though. I gave them a broader understanding of time in history and how we date events. We talked about the Nile River and the different unique pharaoh’s from the New Kingdom.

The older kids made a pyramid. The younger kids colored Egyptian “puppets” and cut out stuff for a Nile river presentation.