Things I Want

But don’t really need. Let’s make it clear first; I have more than I will ever need- except for consumables. Some of those I have too many of too.

Things I want, in no particular order:

Curtains for the media room that are hung well and actually cover the windows when closed.

Head and footboard for the bed. Preferably cherry or mahogany stain. Definitely actual wood.

A new dining room set which sits eight comfortably, has leaves, and doesn’t fall apart.

Non-white couches. (Slip covers will do in the teen room.) My folks may be giving me two leather couches, oh how cool. So I may get those.

Bed linens that I picked out, that I like, with curtains and pillows to coordinate. One problem with those is that I’m having trouble finding something I like. Another is that I haven’t found anything I like that R likes as well.

Get rid of the desk in the teen room that is somewhat broken.

New siding.

New air conditioner.

If I had a new dining room set, then I would want to give my aunt and uncle the table and four chairs. (I think they may want the two nice ones, but I want to keep those.) If I get a new dining room set and they don’t want the others, then I guess I could take them down to the furniture consignment store. Anyway, that would get rid of the large table in my living room corner.

Also I would like a map table for my living room. I’ve always preferred a table with drawers. However, on a TV show the other day I saw a wooden coffee table with a shelf underneath it. That looked nice. I guess I might like one of those. I’ll have to start looking around. If I get one of those, then I would take my glass and brass table set to the consignment store. They’re in good condition and we might actually make some money off of them.

Getting a new dining room set would remove 5 pieces from my house, but replace it with more. However, all of those would be in the dining room and not some in the dining room and some in the living room.

Getting a new map table would remove 3 pieces from my house.

Ah hah. Get furniture to clean out your house. That’s a new concept.

If I could find a Duncan Phyfe dresser in good condition I would buy it. Then I would give my youngest the rock maple dresser I bought my husband for my birthday and get rid of the painted piece in M’s bedroom. I found an Empire style dark wood dresser that I liked, but it’s not a style I tend to like and I don’t want to get something I won’t like later. Been there, done that.

There’s a piece of art I want. But it’s more than I want to pay for it and then I would have to frame it. So I probably won’t get it. I missed one I wanted that was a reasonable price, but I would have had to put it on a credit card and I didn’t want to do that.

There’s another piece of art that I like which is already framed, but I don’t know if I really like it or if it is just that the colors appeal to me. It’s an abstract Asian mountain scene in royal blue and scarlet.

After I wrote this, I came up with another, but now I can’t remember it.

A door. A pretty, non-teal-gray-green front door.