Job Change

I’ve been looking at Monster and at Houston Jobs for computer work for R. He’s tired of work, hating it and his boss.

I’ve also been looking for teaching positions that are full time in the area. There are some available.

The real problem is that we’re too rich and spoiled. Our lifestyle requires at least a $48K take home, with insurance for health not included. I can’t make that as a university teacher.

Teaching at the local community college full time, when such a position becomes available, would pay me at least $50K. That’s pretax, however. There is a job in January available and the deadline is October 1 for application. It’s not near here, but it’s not clear the other side of town either. Maybe we need to look at that possibility.

Maybe we could get by with less. I don’t know. Have to sit down and look it over, I guess. If we could, I could apply for this job and we could switch. That’d be different. Me being gone, R being home.

I can see where that might be good for a while, though. I wonder if we could.