The Debate

The one, the only, the one I mostly ignored while working. I did, however, go upstairs and listen to it and watch it live for about a quarter of an hour.

In that time I have to say that Kerry was very articulate. He did not fumble. I did not think his “He-he” chuckle response to “What mistakes do you think Bush made?” to have been very favorable.

During my short venture, I thought that Bush looked like my dad when he is hacked about something and still trying to smile. I’m expecting comments in the media on it. He fumbled for words a couple of times. He is definitely not as polished a speaker as Kerry seemed to be for that fifteen minutes.

However, I’ve been reading live bloggers. Is it true, as the New Yorker (10-4-04) says, that rule 98 forbid the mention of Vietnam? If so, then how did Kerry get away with so many references? The rule said that if it was mentioned that the debate was over. Why wasn’t the debate then over? Did someone not read the rules?

I hate Google News. It’s official. “President Bush Made Mistake, John Kerry accuses” puts the emphasis where it ought not to be, unless Google agrees that Bush made a mistake. John Kerry accuses would put the emphasis where I think it ought to go.

Many Bush bloggers agree that Kerry was more polished. Big shock they weren’t convinced by Kerry.

However one poll says 3% of the undecideds now like Kerry more on Iraq. He’s up to 43% from 40%. But Bush maintains his incredibly strong lead with 54%. I am sure someone somewhere will say that Kerry is Pulling Away.

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  1. Couple of things. According to the transcript on FoxNews’ site, Kerry only said Vietnam once.

    Secondly Google News is just a computer program that gather’s headlines, it doesn’t write them. Need to blame the specific news site.

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