“bloggers, who are often bleeding edge geeky freaky academically-minded folks.” Arophenia says this in a discussion about why Macs are important.

Wow! I’m a blogger. (Okay, no one but my husband reads me since I moved, but still, I blog.) I’m academically minded. I’m definitely folk. But bleeding edge geeky freaky. I must be. Because I use a Mac. Love it, too.

You know, this past week I read a blog where the blogger was being interviewed and he said that the TV news guy explained “for the six people who still don’t know” what a blog is. I can’t find the reference, but I will. (It is in, on October 6, 2004. I googled it and found it. However, I can’t get the archive to go past part of October 6. So, I can’t quote it exactly.)

However, I asked in my two freshman English classes. Out of 45 students only one said they knew what a blog was, and I didn’t ask them to make sure they did.

In case I ever want an explanation Blogs Explained is here.

An article on an article in which a news media guy tells his critic to get back to blogging. Interesting posts too.