Do I live in the same country as these people?

I went to a political blog and have used its links to explore the blog world. I do that occasionally. I’m a lurker. But this is crazy. Do these people live in the same world I live in? Kerry’s lies are less important than Bush’s lies so what Halperin wrote in his memo is okay. They’re not biased. They’re correct. They’re “compensating” for the immensity of the Bush lies.

Where do they get this stuff? I am starting to think that Kerry can’t tell the truth. I might say Bush’s truth isn’t pretty, but it’s not lies.

Conservative and right has an excellent blog on the fact that the media was saying exactly what everyone else was saying about Osama bin Laden and Hussein. But now they’ve changed their tune. Great article.

There’s also a really good post on the above blog about Kerry’s flip flopping. Floundering fish.

Evil GOP Bastards lies. It says Republican’s were on the wrong issue on every side of questions important to the ordinary American. I’m an average American and they weren’t on the wrong side as far as I’m concerned. But perhaps they would say I am not ordinary.

Update: Liberty lover takes Halperin’s ABC letter and quotes the most germaine parts. Yes, Kerry lies. But Bush lies, too. That’s more important. We want everyone to know Bush lies. What is important is that Bush lies and we want everyone to know it. So the left doesn’t even trust the left.