Blogs to read: Conservatives, Soldiers, Other


Joe Kane in Baghdad.

A Line in the Sand

Steven Kiel, a new blog.

A list of Iraq/soldier related blogs.


A Time for Choosing quotes Reagan saying, “There is a price we will not pay.”

Hugh Hewitt sends you to various places, conservative and liberal, with his lists of bloggers.

Tex the Pontificator is from Texas and a bit funny.

A Midland, Texas blog.

No Watermelons Allowed.

Hell in a Handbasket.

Black Five.

Chrenkoff is the one with the “Good News from Iraq” posts.

Spiced Sass is an American and, based on her pictures, I would guess a Texan. I just liked her name and picked her blog from a list. But she has cool stuff posted, including stuff from Iraq that I haven’t read anywhere else.

The Mudville Gazette.

Classical values provides a good, solid, and -dare I say it- nuanced response to MSM reports on Bush.

Outside the Beltway. There’s an excellent presentation on the “problem” of Halliburton and why it’s not a problem.

Wonderful blog on history:

Impearls writes about who built Hadrian’s wall and sex in antiquity. Fun stuff. Right up my esoteric alley. He even commented on “ae” as a letter, which I just talked to my Friday morning class about.– Doesn’t write often though. Sad to say.

Wonderful dead blog on adjuncts:

Invisible adjunct.