Blogging sites: right wing

Lost the whole list when my computer shut down because I didn’t move the cursor often enough.

Hopefully I can find some of them again. Well, if I can keep them from showing up on this tab, maybe I can.

Last entered. For my eldest who asked if Hussein really supported terrorism.

Hussein and Terror.

Junk Yard Blog talks about Hanoi and Kerry. My eldest wanted to know why Kerry shouldn’t have been talking to the North Vietnamese at this time. This isn’t the punchiest article I’ve read on this. But it is the one I know where it is now.

A paid for ad in a Washington paper. On what is a Republican?

Amy Ridenour’s National Center blog. I remember writing about it before, but don’t remember what I said. Oh yeah. The article on media bias was telling. And I didn’t want to read it. Does anyone know why Sinclair took it on the chin when the FCC said it was well within its rights? Did Kerry’s threat make them back down? If so, why isn’t someone investigating the threat?

Alarming News is aptly named. But I couldn’t find the source about the Durango college teacher kicking in the shins a student who wore a Republican teeshirt to class.

An article on October 22 in Cranial Cavity gives info on Kerry’s voting record in a different perspective than I have seen anywhere else.

Atlantic Blog has an interesting treatise on Ireland and the role of the Catholic Church in its decline in morals.

American Digest with the satirical blogger head exploding. October remembrance of 9/11 by a New Yorker. Other interesting essays.