Weight Loss

I have been off Quick Weight Loss for 7 weeks. I had gained back a total of six pounds, but I took three of those right back off when I noticed. I am okay with three extra right now. It’s three less than I weighed with BFL.

I need to exercise more, but I am finding that difficult right now. Not impossible, just difficult. My tummy isn’t as flat as it was with BFL, so I really need to add in sit-ups. Since I hate the extended exercises which did so much good last time, I don’t want to do anything like them. I am going to need to overcome that attitude problem.

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  1. Thank you for your story about qlc dieting…I have lost 27 pounds so far but am at a plato for a week…your experiences were similar to mine I think…It does work but they do not tell you everything…bruce

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