Election Stares: The Media

I stayed up till after 3 (4 EST) to watch the news. At that point, at least ten people in Ohio STILL hadn’t voted. The strong healthy 5% margin Bush had maintained in New Mexico had eroded rapidly- think California mud slide- to a margin of 400 votes. Hawaii hadn’t gone Bush in a surprise change. (Drats. I was looking forward to that.)

First, the media was much more responsible this year than it was in 2000. They didn’t call any election until the polls closed. Of course, the second they did, CNN called California. No one disagreed, though it took Fox much longer to put California on their score card.

Second, the media did use the exit polls and, though they didn’t publish the numbers, it was obvious that the exit polls showed overwhelming victory for Kerry, just by everyone’s reaction to them.

Third, goofy media again, they whacked bloggers for reporting the exit poll numbers. You know, considering 2000, I wouldn’t have done that. But it was clear from the media what the numbers looked like, even if we didn’t know exactly what they were.

Fourth, some of the media made sense. Some of the media are raving lunatics and need to go visit somewhere besides Blue California and New York. They know not whereof they speak when they speak of America. Of course, I live in Texas, but I get to see the Left dominate the TV and movie world. So I know how both sides live.