Halo 2

At midnight I got in my car and drove to the mall. Thankfully the theater area was brightly lit and there was parking available. There wasn’t much, though. I went inside the mall, went up the escalator, and saw a long line with two people in cammo looking through small boxes. I hoped this was the slow line.

We pre-ordered Halo 2, so that we could get in the fast lane when it came out.

I got in line behind your average game player, young, overweight, wearing jeans and a teeshirt. In front of him were three people together. One was an overweight guy, about my height, a tall thin guy with a teeshirt on geeks, and a girl with pink hair and every facial piercing I’ve ever seen. The overweight guy and the girl were doing the “zipp” thing from Austin Powers at each other and having quite an argument. There was a group of three in back of me, too. One tall overweight guy, one blond in Matrix uniform, and one average blond in cammo. The tall guy ruled the roost, arguing that any games he didn’t like were stupid.

It took 15 minutes, in the fast lane, to get the game. When she handed me my receipt back marked, the woman forgot to give me the game. So I took it out of her hand. “Oops.” It was going to be a long night for them.

The non-prepaid people were in a line just as long as ours, but for every thirty people who went in and out in our line, only two went in and out on theirs. Slow, slow, slow.

There was some soda and candy. About enough for two teenagers. So much for treats.

I came home, went to bed, and heard my kids head for Halo 2 early this morning.