Any Soldier

I am the coordinator for the homeschoolers in my area in our attempt to help out the soldiers. We are collecting things to package up and send to Iraq and Afghanistan. So far we have sent 10 boxes to one unit of 52 people. We have also sent Christmas cards for each member of the unit.

We are looking for a way not just to support the troops but to be involved in their lives.

So I thought we would “adopt” a unit or three and send them stuff regularly.

We ended up with our original unit which is in Afghanistan and another unit of 30 in Kwost, Afghanistan. The third group is 17 guys who have been in Iraq since the beginning of the fighting last year. This is their third tour of duty in Iraq. They are in Baghdad. They want letters especially.

I bought books to send overseas. One unit of 300 people requested books. So I figure I will send that box to them.

There is another unit of 93 folks who requested letters. I am figuring that I will write letters to them as well.

Is it cheating to write one letter three times? I guess not. I can send the same basic letter to folks in three different units.

We need to pray for these folks regularly.

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  1. My son is being deployed to Kwost at the end of November. He is a combat engineer. can anyone tell me what he can expect? BOB

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