Agent of Change

This is a great book and I loved it. It is in print again, in an omnibus. I now have two copies, and since it has been out of print for years, you can imagine how hard that was to manage.

The main characters are Val Con, an interstellar spy/CIA type, who is a master of disguise and music and Miri, an ex-mercenary who is on the run from the interstellar Mafia for bodyguarding her boss. Val Con is an ever- changing face in this book as he hides and unmasks himself again and again to Miri. Miri is a tiny, tough, skilled fighter. But she can’t beat Val Con. For quite a while the question is, will she have to? Then, will she want to?

The characters are great. They are fun, interesting, and intriguing people. How did Val Con come to be related to a turtle? Why does Miri not like the idea of one of her family treasures actually being a treasure? Is Val Con crazy? What does it mean to be crazy?

Val Con and Miri are running from the bad guys. Unfortunately, not all of the bad guys think they are bad guys. Some of the bad guys are the interstellar Mafia. They seem to know who they are. But some of the bad guys are police, who begin chasing Val Con and Miri from prejudice. Word spreads that they murder babies, etcetera. It’s not true, but it makes the police angle understandable. And, by the end of this book, they are also running from the Barbarian Invaders of this sci-fi world, the feared Yxtrang.

There is no religion per se in this book. Morality is based on family, more than anything else. There is some lying. There is no sleeping around. They are soldiers/spies so there is some bloodshed. Most of that stems from those chasing them. Some of the people chasing them probably deserve to be shot. Some may not.

Agent of Change by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee

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