Plan B – I have two copies.

(Coming back to this later, I realize the title may be too subtle a joke even for me to get. Oy veh.)

This is the fourth book in this world, the third about Miri and Val Con. In it they are safe, temporarily, and go to find her family, a family she has never heard of and who have never heard of her. While on their planet, she finds the family she knows and loves, her old unit the Gyrfalks, and heads out to see them. The idyllic walk into the sunset is disturbed by the screams of war machines. She and Val Con end up directing her family’s fight against the invading enemy.

Into this fight fly Shan and Priscilla, searching for Val Con, and injured by the BAD bad guys. Then they find the mathematical equation which shows them they are dead, unless they can effect a patch to their ship while stationery over an invaded world and under the guns of the enemy… It gets worse from there.

Edger and Sheather are looking for their brother and sister and hope to find them among the mercenaries. In their ponderous way they are always one step behind the others looking for them.

Nova finds Miri’s friend and takes her to rescue Miri. That is, Nova goes to find Val Con and Liz goes to find Miri. On their way they receive word that those they seek are under attack. Nova and Liz go for help, but help is denied them, most regrettably, until it is discovered that they all have the same objective.

A surprise main character in this book is mentioned in a short paragraph in Carpe Diem; his name is Nelirikk Explorer and who he is you will have to read to find out.

Plan B by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee

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