Support for the Troops

If you want to help support the troops, but don’t have anyone you know in the active military, you can go to and find folks who have asked for help.

As I said in this post, the homeschoolers around here are sending packages to the military and I’m the coordinator.

As I mentioned in this one, the yellow ribbons do actually mean something.

I have mailed 47 boxes to four different units in Iraq and Afghanistan, two in each. The mailing costs have been $535. That’s just the cost of sending the boxes. Many people have contributed and my husband and I put in about $400 of stuff to send over, not including the $255 out of our pocket for mailing the boxes. It seems like a lot of money, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of support.

I have written over 70 individual letters and encouraged others to write another 30 or so that I’ve sent. I’ve sent two units, who asked for mail, letters- 52 of them.

I’ve been doing this for six weeks. I received a response last Sunday as I mentioned here. The Marine who responded is from Texas; God bless him.

Someone took my yellow ribbon off my car. I don’t know why. I have another one, which belongs to my husband, but apparently his car is too cool to have a ribbon on it. So I’ll put that one on. I wonder how long it will take to disappear and why they are disappearing. I’ll probably never know.