Any Soldier: Responses

I’ve gotten three e-mails in the last ten days from the folks I sent things to via the website.

I got a letter from an Army captain to whom I have sent only letters. He had asked for letters and I knew I could send those. I did too. Over forty in the last five weeks, plus letters from some of my college kids. It was a wonderful email, long and full of information, including what other things besides letters they’d like. (That was in the generic part of the email, which was just as gracious as the personal section.) We bought some old classic movies to send over.

Today I received an email from the platoon sergeant we’ve been sending packages to in Baghdad. He said thank you. He wrote a nice note which mentioned that sometimes just eating over there is dangerous. (Mosul lunch room bomb.)

I got one from a GySgt who said they were thrilled with the packages and could use some more hygiene products. But then when I went to the website today, that address is listed as “no packages for awhile.” The Marines are upset because they aren’t getting the packages from their families. I can understand that. But I don’t think our packages are keeping their packages away, but what do I know? I’m not a Marine or a postal worker for the Armed Forces.

I guess I am pleased as punch that we got responses from folks and a bit sad that we can’t send to “our” Marine unit anymore. Now we’re only sending to the Soldiers.

Oh well. Blessings on them all and my prayers are with them. Hope yours are too.