50 Things to Eat Before You Die

Was reading Shelley at Blog Explosion and she had a list from the BBC about 50 things you should eat before you die. Note that the Brits are having trouble counting, as there are only 48 things on the list.

Though I have had fish, the only kind of seafood I enjoy is canned tuna.

1. Fresh fish YUCK
2. Lobster No thanks.
3. Steak Had it. Love it.
4. Thai food Had it. Like it.
5. Chinese food Had it. Like it.
6. Ice cream Had it. Like it.
7. Pizza Had it. Like it.
8. Crab Yuck.
9. Curry It’s okay.
10. Prawns Never have, never will.
11. Moreton Bay Bugs Not sure what these are, but they sound nasty.
12. Clam chowder Don’t like it.
13. Barbecues I’m not a big bbq fan, but I like it.
14. Pancakes Like it.
15. Pasta Like it.
16. Mussels Never have, never will.
17. Cheesecake Like it.
18. Lamb Like it.
19. Cream tea Never had it, but sure…I would try not.
20. Alligator Never had it, but I would try it.
21. Oysters No.
22. Kangaroo I don’t think so, but maybe if no one told me what it was first. Dog was good that way.
23. Chocolate Like it.
24. Sandwiches !
25. Greek food It’s okay.
26. Burgers Love it.
27. Mexican food Mmmm…me gusta mucho!
28. Squid Very chewy, not too good.
29. American diner breakfast Like it.
30. Salmon Hate it. Don’t even like the smell.
31. Venison Very good.
32. Guinea pig Haven’t ever had it. Don’t think I want to.
33. Shark Haven’t had it. Don’t want to.
34. Sushi No.
35. Paella I had some when I was in HS and in Europe.
36. Barramundi Don’t know what this is.
37. Reindeer I haven’t ever had any, but I wouldn’t turn it down.
38. Kebab Like it.
39. Scallops Don’t like it.
40. Australian meat pie I guess I’d try it. Don’t know why I wouldn’t.
41. Mango Like it.
42. Durian fruit If this is the one I think, it stinks to high heaven. Like spoiled tuna and dog crap. Don’t think so.
43. Octopus Chewy.
44. Ribs Don’t really care for them.
45. Roast beef Good if it’s cooked.
46. Tapas What’s that?
47. Jerk chicken/pork Spicy.
48. Haggis Only if I didn’t know what it was.