Books of 2005: 1-7

This is going to be updated a lot, or something. Ron’s always getting on my case because I didn’t write down the name of every book I’ve ever read. (Imagine that when some days I’ve read 20! We’d be carrying around whole drawers full of lists.)

I thought, though, that it might be interesting to write down the books I’ve read in 2005. Keep a list. See if I read as much as I think I do.

I Dare by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee. This is part of a large series. There are two prequel books; Conflicts of Honor, Agent of Change, and Carpe Diem; Plan B and I Dare. They’re a wonderful series.

Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon. It’s the sequel to Trading in Danger. I hadn’t read them, but my brother loaned me his copies over the holidays. Now I’ve read them. They were good. Not great, but definitely readable.

I read three romance books today, just for fun. MacGowan Meets His Match by Annette Broadrick. Too Tough to Tame by Annette Broadrick. (They’re the third and second in a series.) Also Cavanaugh’s Woman by Marie Ferrarella. That’s a good series. I’ve read most of them, but not all of them.

Marie Ferrarella is one of my favorite romance authors. The other is Suzanne Brockmann.

Read Trace Evidence and Dead Certain by Carla Cassidy. Two in a series of three romances with lots of murder thrown in. The first in the series is Dead Certain. The third is good too, I just haven’t read/re-read it yet this year.

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