Books I’ve Read:23-29

Romance books, all of them. Although I may quit. The last two days I’ve read two bad ones.

His Best Friend. Fun, but not light hearted.

Undercover Babies. A good book if you like the “life isn’t always good” scenario. I don’t read romance for realism. So I didn’t like it at all.

Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann. The last, that I know of, in her Team Sixteen series. Wonderful book. I’m going to check at the bookstore to see what else she has.

The Substitute Fiancee by Rebecca Russell. One twin takes her sister’s place for a wedding dress fitting. Then the real fiancee doesn’t come home and the other twin has to keep pretending to be her. The guy knows, but there are social situations where it is important that she show up. They fall in love. Which is a mess. But a good book.

The Dating Resolution by Hannah Bernard. A book about a woman who says she’s not going to date for a year. So she moves to Alaska for the last four months because she’s “just a girl who can’t say no.” But then she lies and says she’s married, to try and stave off any unwanted attention. She falls in love with the only person who knows the truth… It’s a fun tale, with some painful twists.

The Boss, the Baby, and Me by Raye Morgan was a good book, too. Two feuding families have changed their positions. The poor family is now rich and vice versa. The main characters don’t share enough about what is going on, though, and so there are many misunderstandings. I didn’t like that part. But I did like the book.

Daddy by Choice by Marin Thomas is a good book too. It’s about a dad taking care of a five-year old son he didn’t know existed eight months ago. It’s about a wealthy woman coming to do her dad’s bidding and get custody of the boy. It’s about the two falling in love and, eventually, the three of them making a family. I liked it. I bought it.

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