Ideas for sending to the Soldiers

Here is an updated list of items that we are asking for: Campbell’s chicken noodle soup in the easy open cans (due to lack of can openers), twinkies, Chef Boyardee ravioli, chocolate bars, Lever 2000 pure rain body wash, C batteries, vienna sausage, swiss miss hot chocolate, coffee cream and sugar, beef jerky, ritz crackers, chewy granola bars, triple blade razors, baked goods-brownies and cookies, cherry almond shampoo & conditioner, sleep medicine, multivitamins, powerbars, candles, and powdered Gatorade

(NOTE TO ALL: Those easy-open cans have a tendency to burst in transit, so either send them in 2 sealed plactic bags and/or send ‘real’ cans and a can opener (better idea) -Marty)

Oops. Just sent two cans of these. Hope they don’t burst. From now on I’ll double bag them.

For example, the following items are a huge hit: magazines (those of interest to 20-30 year old men and women), snacks of any kind (especially chocolate), music CDs (again, geared for younger generation), slippers, etc. I recently received one, for example that had some Burt’s Bees specialty soaps and face wash, etc. That was awesome. Also, the specialty coffees and creamers are a big hit.

They are always in need of decent greeting cards to send to loved ones. The ones that are most needed are the “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I’m thinking of you” type. I’m sure we will all be making homemade ones for Valentine’s day, as we have no way to buy them here. Several months ago I received a package of them from a friend who sent me a variety that were “happy birthday”, “I love you”, “I miss you” type and I have been so grateful for them. I really loved receiving a package of “Happy Birthday” balloons. Now, every time someone has a birthday, I blow one up and brighten their day!

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