Books I’ve Read: 30-34

The Sinner by Kathleen O’Brien. The second in a series of three. Slow coming out with the books, but good books. Not great, but good.

One Good Man by Charlotte Douglas. Part of a series, but you don’t need to have read the earlier one. Now she’s added about eight Marines to the mix. Interesting how many soldiers and Marines are coming out in romance novels these days.

Into the Night by Suzanne Brockmann Meet Mike Muldoon and watch his love for a West Wing bigwig take shape. Good book.

Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann. In this book miracle worker Senior Chief Wolchonok falls in love with a Navy helo pilot who is dealing with some serious long term abuse issues. The story is interwoven with the life story of an Israeli negotiator whose life was saved in Nazi Denmark by Stan’s mother, aunt, and grandparents. A great love story of another era weaves its tail through a modern love story, through the eyes of the woman who saw them both.

Out of Control by Suzanne BrockmannWatch the tres chic lawyer Savannah von Hopf fall in love with WildCard Karmody, or vice versa. Two other interwoven stories are fantastic. Rose Rainer the dashing double agent and Prince Heinrich von Hopf of the SS. And Jones, an abandoned soldier who turned his coat to save his life and then snitched on the drug runner who has a $5M price tag on his head, and Molly, the woman whose life used to be really messed up, but now she’s found God, and Jones.

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