Thoughts on This Week

R came home from MacWorld in SF on Saturday morning about 7 am. Then he went out to play poker with some guys for his bday at 6 pm. Unfortunately, when he got home from that he was seriously sick. He’s been gone from work all week and isn’t really up to going back tomorrow.

I’ve been sleeping A LOT the last two nights and I took a 2 hour nap today. I’ve been queasy all afternoon. That’s not good, since I have college classes starting tomorrow night. I need to be well.

I’ve taken some C and some zinc and hope that will help stave it off.

I’ve only read 34 books so far this year. That’s not quite two a day. Drats. I was really going for that level. Oh well. I’ll try to catch up later, I guess.

If I read an average of 730 books a year, for 40 more years, I would have read 29,200. Okay, that is a little better than those old numbers. I probably won’t read that many. Realistically I’d say I read about 500. I read a lot several times, but that wouldn’t count in a single year, I wouldn’t think.

Supposedly, the average person reads 25 hours a year. That, for me, would be about 20 books. I think I’m over that already, for sure. And some of these books have been 400 pages, which means I’ve probably read about 44 hours this month. Of books. Not including blogs and short stories and school work.