Books I’ve Read:61-77

I’m keeping a list of books I’ve read this year. (See the links at the bottom for past book lists.) Unfortunately, I have started reading a lot more books in the store than I had been. Now I can’t remember all the names of all the books I’ve read. But, here’s my next set.

Wind Rider’s Oath by David Weber
Apocalypse Troll by David Weber
Worth Every Risk by Dianna Love Snell– an excellent story with one great scene at the end
Assignment: Twins by Leigh Michaels
Second-Chance Hero by Justine Davis– a great continuation of a series, Draven is the hero of this one.
Prescription: Love by Pamela Toth– good continuation
Their Miracle Baby by Lilian Darcy– a story about the romance that takes place after the sex, and the baby
Because a Husband is Forever by Marie Ferrarella, one of my favorite romance authors
A Father, Again–Mary J. Forbes
Forgotten Son by Linda Warren
The Spy Who Wore Red by Wendy Rosnau– This is a well-written book, but I did not like it. Too much bad stuff in it.
Explosive Alliance by Catherine Mann
Their Secret Son by Crystal Green
Truly, Madly, Dangerously by Linda Winstead Jones
Heart and Soul by Eva Rutland– Didn’t like this much.
The Chosen Child by Brenda Mott–This is about a couple who are married, but unable to have children.
Three Down the Aisle by Sherryl Woods– She can write some good books. I enjoyed this one.

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