Books I’ve Read: 156-181

These books are all ebooks:
Cherokee Christmas
Silk Petals
Mind Games
Night Magic
French Kiss
Mason’s Kiss
Wife for Real
Manhunting Masquerade
Found some great books about love coming to old friends:
Hot Flash
Spicing it Up
Walk on the Wilde Side
There were also some about getting together with old lovers:
Rock and Rolling
Savannah Secrets

These books are not:
A Hero in Her Eyes by Marie Ferrarella
Out of Exile by Carla Cassidy– She can really write good books.
Everything but a Husband by Karen Templeton
Night of No Return (A Year of Loving Dangerously) by Eileen Wilks– one in a series. I read the last book in the series first and loved it.
In Destiny’s Shadow by Ingrid Weaver
In Sight of the Enemy (Family Secrets) by Kylie Brant
Racing Against Time (Family Secrets) by Marie Ferrarella
The Way We Wed (A Year of Loving Dangerously) by Pat Warren– one in a series

Historical Fantasy:
Ill Met by Moonlight by Mercedes Lackey and Roberta Gellis– fantastic tale of Henry VIII’s court and family with elves

Making Faces by Kevyn Auchoin– a book on make-up