Lebanese Protests

I was amazed at how many people turned out for the protests in Lebanon. Looking at these numbers on Chrenkoff, I’m even more amazed.

“First off, we’ve had the Hizbollah, pro-Syrian, pro-government rally, which according to various estimates attracted somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million people to the center of Beirut.

Now, we have an opposition, anti-Syrian, anti-Government rally, with anywhere between 800,000 and 1.3 million people in the streets.

Lebanon’s total population is 3.7 million.”

Tsunami Impacts YOU

The December Tsunami that killed thousands also changed the Earth.

NASA scientists using data from the Indonesian earthquake calculated it affected the Earth’s rotation, decreased the length of day, slightly changed the
planet’s shape, and shifted the North Pole by centimeters. The earthquake that created the huge tsunami also changed the Earth’s rotation.

Houses in Fallujah

The exterior doors of the houses are both metal and wood.  The wood doors usually have a metal gate over top on the outside of the house forming two barriers to breach.  The doors have two to three locking points.  Some doors are even barricaded from the inside to prevent entry.  There are generally two to three entrances to the house.  The entrances are the front, the kitchen, and the side or rear.

The interior doors are also made of metal and wood.  The differences between the interior and exterior doors are the strength and durability of the doors.  Interior doors only have one locking point and most of them can be kicked in.  All doors inside and outside of the house are usually locked and must be breached.

The layout of all the houses is generally the same.  Initial entry in the front door leads to a small room with two interior doors.  The two doors are the entrance to two adjacent open seating rooms. The size of the rooms varies according to the size of the house.  At the end of the sitting rooms are interior doors that open up into a central hallway. 

The central hallway is where all the first floor rooms lead and it contains the ladderwell to the second deck.  The second deck will contain more rooms and an exit to the middle roof top.  The middle roof top will have an exterior ladderwell leading up to the highest rooftop.

This is from Blackfive.

Polar Dinosaurs

This article discusses a dig in Australia in which they are uncovering some new dinosaur species. They are also finding that the same spot was both temperate and ice, within a relatively short time frame. So they are wondering if the dinos migrated.


Thousands upon thousands of images from the NY Public Library are available for viewing. You can download and print them too. Lovely. See the article.

Sexual Drive

I am reading Passionate Marriage by David Shnarch right now. It is an interesting book.

I got up this morning intending to get on and write a denunciation of one of his statements. However, after re-reading, I think he may have just been overstating a point.

He says that sexual desire is a desire for your partner, not a desire for sex. He also says that most clinical folks teach it as a biological drive and that doing so short circuits intimacy.

Sexual desire is a biological drive. Saying it’s not is foolish.

However, sexual desire can also be the desire for your partner. Which does, in fact, make sex much more satisfying.

My sexual drive has gone down considerably, probably because of my health and my age. But my sexual desire for my husband, my desire to share with him a very personal experience, has not gone down.

He used to say I had a one track mind. I thought about sex all the time. (Every guy’s dream!) It was true that I thought about sex a lot, but a good part of that is because I enjoyed sex with R. Not just because I enjoyed sex.

So, sexual drive is a biological fact. But simple biology does not make for good sex. A commitment from both partners, however, does.

When to Read

I am very slowly reading a book called Passionate Marriage.

R started reading it first and he’s gotten a lot more out of it than I have. Often books need to come at you when you’re in a particular place. A book that has changed your life may not have as much impact the next time you read it.

Sex and Love: Reality and Fiction

The fact that these romance books have the sex coming first is a symptom, I think, of our society’s illness. We as a society equate sex with love. That becomes a big problem when you are looking for love. Because where you find sex and how you are most likely to find love are not the same.

Sex is good. I have no objection to sex.

But sex is not love.

Love, married love anyway, should involve sex. Sex in marriage can be an exciting, breathtaking experience.

But you don’t love someone because you had sex with then in the first four hours after you met them. You don’t even know them. They don’t know you. Maybe, if you are both incredibly flexible or committed or lucky, you can make it work. But love ought to come before sex.

Love is a commitment. Love is a choice. Love is permanent.

Sex is short, fantastic, and not necessarily related to anything else.

They aren’t the same things.

Books I’ve Read: 131-155

You know, I was trying to read two books a day, but I’m not sure these ebooks off eHarlequin really count as books. They seem much too quick.

Voodoo– I didn’t like it. It was one of those reincarnation stories. Stupid too. How can your ghost show herself to you?
Silver Lining
Hot Off the Presses
The Promise– not a romance book. It’s about a murder, but it isn’t solved.
Snow Emergency– I’ve read all I can until March 9.
Keegan’s Bluff
Sweet Justice: Best Friends– part of a series and a very well written book
The Man She Wanted: Best Friends– not a bad premise, but I didn’t like it
Bayou Reunion– about old high school sweethearts, torn apart by her family, back together after she’s been raped and trying to help each other. The story is probably too much too soon, but it’s a well told, reasonably true fiction tale.
At Midnight
Season of Wonder
The Sheriff’s Wife
The Bookstore on the Corner by Lori Handeland– excellent character development, wonderful light, joyous book.
Taking a Risk
Sugar and Spice- a sweet story ( no pun intended
Marrying Mary by Lori Foster— wonderful, sweet book, though I question being this mature at 21, even growing up on a farm and working full time since high school
Whirlwind Wedding
Cowboy Lover
For Love or Money
The Baby Mistake
Renegade Lover–interesting premise, but the story repeats itself in several chapters and it’s not handled well in the end
Too Hot to Handle
Hooked on a Feeling– stupid. Don’t these romance writers know that it takes more than sex to make a relationship work? You can have good sex and not have a good relationship. Hell, you can not have a relationship at all. What does good sex do? Well, it makes a relationship fun. But there has to be more than that. I’m guessing I’m getting to the end of my ability to tolerate this crap. It got better at the end.

Non-online books
The Marine

Books 1-7
Books 8-13
Books 14-17
Books 18-22
Books 23-29
Books 30-34
Books 35-45
Books 46-60
Books 61-77
Books 77-106
Books 107-120
Books 121-130

Blogs and Freedom

Due to finance reform and lawsuits, blogs are being looked at by the FEC. Potentially they will be viewed as “in kind” contributions to political campaigns. Captain’s Quarters has a letter you can send your senators.

Texas’ senators are Cornyn, who spoke for the Ten Commandments, and Hutchinson.


I got two mails from soldiers! One from Cpt Castellano on paper, snailmail. One from Cpt Fountain on email.

I wrote back to the Mosul guys and asked if that was in the job description for captains. You know “When deployed overseas, captains are responsible for sending notes of appreciation for any packages received from non-family members.”

Books I’ve Read: 121-130

Other books from eHarlequin.com. they aren’t as long as regular books, but they can still eat up your day.

Some Like it Hot
Dr. Protector– about a scientist who discovers her boss is setting her up when her ex comes back to rescue her.
Dark Rider
Rules of Engagement by Catherine Mann Good book. Service folks. Separated by their different approaches to life.
Cop Next Door
Remember When by Maggie Price A fun book about a fire investigator and the cheerleader he tried to date in high school.
Mortal Thoughts
Bedroom Window
Last Chance Cafe

Books 1-7
Books 8-13
Books 14-17
Books 18-22
Books 23-29
Books 30-34
Books 35-45
Books 46-60
Books 61-77
Books 77-106
Books 107-120

Books I’ve Read: 107-120

I’ve been reading more on eHarlequin. I’ve also read a couple of other books.

Cowboy to the Rescue
Whirlwind Wedding
Return to Tyler: A Hero for the Holidays
Dad and the Drama Queen
You Must Remember This
Breaking News by Gina Wilkins, a fun book
Sex and the Single Stylist– This is ridiculous. They meet and an hour or two later they have sex. This isn’t a romance. It’s censored porn. I did not like that. It sucked. The author writes interesting characters, but that was ridiculous. She falls in love with him because he has beautiful hair. Get real.
Maitland Maternity: The Baby Surprise by Stella Bagwell. Fun book. Good.
Love Never Dies
Never Again by Linda Winstead Jones A very fun story about a woman with disastrous blind dates. She meets a guy from one two years ago when he rescues her from the newest disaster. A good book although the romance gets serious quickly.
Wrong Place, Right Girl by Marie Ferrarella Mistaken identity and the desire to get a story lead a reporter into a hail of bullets.
Captured Hearts

And then there’s hardcopy books.
Secret Cinderella by Dani Sinclair– An interesting tale of a woman who grew up a thief and the CEO who rescues her from a party.

Books 1-7
Books 8-13
Books 14-17
Books 18-22
Books 23-29
Books 30-34
Books 35-45
Books 46-60
Books 61-77