Addicted, and the pain

I read a book last night that seriously messed me up. It had a lot of graphic information, description, of a rape. It was, I am sure, supposed to inform you and make you aware that such things happen. But it was in a fantasy novel, so I wasn’t expecting it. And it made me very uncomfortable. I had trouble sleeping. I kept having to touch my husband to make sure it was him. It was very traumatic. I don’t need that kind of trauma in my life. Especially not from a book.

BTW, the book was The Outworlder by Mercedes Lackey, which is a duo of Wheel of Fire and When the Bough Breaks. If you have any bad things with child abuse or assault, I suggest you skip the reading.

I was so messed up about it, I told my husband I was going to give up reading. He laughed.

You know, I know these writers want you to know about this stuff, that’s why they put it in there–but do they realize you can’t tell what’s coming when you are reading? Anyway… I didn’t like it.