Patron Saint of Teachers

Sometime in my surfing I found out that this was St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle.

For what it’s worth.

According to De La Salle org he was the first to recommend teaching children in groups rather than individually. (I think many of us would think that was a minus, not a plus.)

He introduced modern languages, arts, science and technology into the traditional curriculum dominated by reading and writing.

He insisted that children should be taught to read in their own language first rather than in Latin.

And, by the by, this was in 1680.

  “To touch the hearts of your pupils is the greatest miracle you can perform”

I hope to do that with E and M, if not the rest of my students.

1 thought on “Patron Saint of Teachers

  1. I was glad to read your information concerning this wonderful patronsaint. However, I was under the impression that St. Thomnas was also the patron saint of school teachers. I love teaching and I also love my faith. Any divine intercession I can receive to help me be at my best, besides what I already put into it is a plus. God Bless you for your info. Can you shed some light into St. Thomas for me? Thank you. Jill

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