South Beach Sugar Cravings

I’ve been reading the book and attempting to avoid eating too much. I am having hunger pains–sugar cravings, anyway. Supposedly, these will go away after 3 days. However, I have read that some of the people had them for three weeks.

Maybe it would be worth it to try Metamucil. Although it looks terrible and I can’t imagine drinking it, tons of people do.

I am cooking beans. Not quite the old fashioned way (overnight) but really cooking them myself. I want to make some bean stuff that I will be willing to eat. So I’m going to adapt the recipe for the 5-bean casserole my mom found for me. I like the food, even if no one else in my family does. And if I can have it as a side for meat, I think that will help. I’ll feel like I am eating more.

I’ve already had my nuts and my cheese today. I’ve almost finished my salad, sans dressing. But I didn’t have any cooked meat for lunch. I just used the cheese. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

I don’t want to cook meat. You know, I didn’t grow up having meat, too poor, and I’m just not used to it. When we went back to eating meat, at first I didn’t cook meat at home. And I didn’t see a loss in that.

I need to get some ground sirloin and some tuna. (No sweet pickles though.)