South Beach: The Beginning

R decided over the weekend that he’s not getting in the shape he wants to so he was going to go on South Beach today. So I decided to join him. I’m definitely not where I want to be.

This morning I got up to walk. Since I had said I would do the half marathon with Dee and Debbie, I need to do that. But I had a really bad nightmare. So I didn’t walk at seven, but had R roll over and hold me. I went back to sleep and the nightmare picked up where it had left off. Bad. Not good.

BTW I did go walk after R left for work. I took the dog. All the high school boys were out running. None of them had on tee shirts. That’s one of the reasons girls don’t run as fast. They have to wear tee shirts. And it gets hot under there. The long hair is hot, too, but some of the guys had long hair.

Anyway, I was trying to decide what set off my nightmare. I have nightmares when I am stressed.

I think it is the half marathon, because I am not ready, combined with the South Beach diet, since I am not really sure what is involved.

Yesterday I ate so much crap that it was a disaster. My stomach is distended and hard from something. Anyway, that’ll be gone by tomorrow.

For breakfast I had the rest of R’s eggs and two pieces of turkey bacon. It wasn’t good, but it was food. I’ve already gotten hungry so I had 15 cashew halves. (Which still leaves 15 for later.)

Starting weight: 173 (Argh! That’s three pounds over my newest “I’m never going over x” again weight.)