Christianity Test

Times Online has an article about folks wanting to go to Germany for the Pope’s visit having to “prove” they are a Christian by passing a test. The test is included in the article. And I have quoted it below.

1. Who were the first people?

2. How and when did Jesus die? [I found this question ambiguous. Not the how but the when. 33 AD, or thereabouts, probably 29 AD. Friday. After the morning was over. When he was 33.]

3. In the story of the Creation, what did God create on the seventh day? [I am not sure their answer is correct. On the seventh day God rested. Maybe he created rest on that day. Something I am grateful for.]

4. As a result of the sin committed by Adam and Eve, in what condition do we now live?

5. How many kinds of sin are there? Name them [Not being Catholic, I didn’t know this list.]

6. Who is the father of Jesus Christ?

7. Who sentenced Jesus to death?

8. Who were the sons of Adam and Eve? [The answer to this one is incomplete. They don’t include Seth and since he was the son that “made it,” you’d think they would. There were others. Genesis 5 says that “after Seth he lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters.”]

9. How many sacraments are there? Name them [The boys and I could name 6. I knew there were seven. We forgot penance. E thought mass was different from communion.]

10. Name the seven deadly sins. [E got 5 of these right.]

11. Who betrayed Jesus to the Pharisees?

12. Where does Jesus sit in Heaven?

13. Name the three divine virtues.

14. How long did Jesus stay on Earth after his resurrection?

1. Adam and Eve. 2. Crucifixion on Good Friday 3. Nothing. 4. Original Sin. 5. Three – sins against the Holy Ghost, mortal sins and venial sins. 6. God. 7. Pontius Pilate. 8. Cain and Abel. 9. Seven – baptism, penance, Eucharist, confirmation, marriage, ordination, extreme unction. 10. Pride, avarice, envy, anger, lust, gluttony, sloth. 11. Judas. 12. On the right hand of God. 13. Faith, love, hope. 14. 40 days, until Ascension Day.

2 thoughts on “Christianity Test

  1. How Does this prove that you are a Christian?
    Nothing about forgivnes of sins or salvation at all.

    The real question is “Is Catholisism a cult or not?”

  2. The real question is, why did you ask that on my blog?

    But the answer to your question is no.

    The reason there is nothing about salvation is they weren’t asking them to be saved. The German government was trying to figure out if these people were Christians and since they were specifically trying to figure out if these people were Catholics who wanted to see the pope, they asked these questions.

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