Dog on Parade

I brought Serenity in while I was loading the washer and she grabbed both Wolf and Froggie (stuffed animals). She took them out the door with her and then, when I took them away and put them down, kept coming back for them. Finally, I said she could bring them, and off she went prancing with two stuffed toys in her mouth.

We went to the pool where she greeted two ladies and a mom and daughter. The daughter was afraid of her. The mom took Froggie. Then Serenity wouldn’t take it back. So I carried it.

We started to go around the pool. I put Froggie down. Serenity picked it up. And then she headed home. She didn’t want to go anywhere else. She’d shown off and now she was ready to go home.

So my walk was short this morning, though I am still sweating.