I am thinking that I am not giving my sons a strong enough background in God. I have already thought this and decided to try to involve the kids more in the youth activities this summer. But I also think maybe I need to spend more time with them on their faith and my faith and God’s expectations. Maybe even on missions. Yes, missions. Why did this come up today?

I attended a nine hour seminar on the other side of town (an hour at 7:30 am on a Sat) on becoming a missions-focused church.

It was an interesting presentation made by a former professor and his wife, Gailyn and Becky Van Rheenen. It was in their class that I met R.

I don’t know that I learned a lot that was new, probably not, since I was involved a lot with missions previously, but it was good to review.

If you want to see the power point presentation, it seems to be available at their website Mission Alive. I didn’t actually look to see if it worked, since I had seen it today.

One thing that did come up, that has been coming up for me in several places, is the need to pray more. I actually wrote out a prayer last Sunday and thought about putting it on the blog so I could remember it. But I decided not to for some reason. Now I wish I had. So if I write any more prayers, I guess I’ll be blogging them.