New Theme

I am thinking of changing the theme on my blog. R designed this one and I love it, but today it is too feminine.

So I went to to check things out. And Alex King had a contest. There are some wild, and some boring, themes in there. R should have submitted the theme he did for my blog. “Red and Pink.” That’s what I would call it.

I like:
head- like the color
borderline chaos
neuron- love love love the tab thingies
imhotep- I was thinking “I need something that looks like a teacher’s.” This is what came up next.
Dark Maple- I love the picture.
Landzilla- I don’t like the side colors, but I love the colors of the pictures at the top.
Red train- I like that one. Bright and colorful.
Retrospotive- I actually like the color there.
Soothe is kind of cool looking.
Travelogue. Hmm. I kind of like Travelogue. Interesting. Different. But not hard to read.

Stevish 2 was funky. But I don’t like a 3D effect where stuff is written underneath. I find it distracting.

Akhdian looks like a notepad with a gun or some other sleek thing instead of the normal clip.

Slash dot was kind of interesting.

Desert theme- I like the orange lizard in the corner.

Notebook is a notebook– or at least it looks like one. In nice pale blues.

Reflections is kind of interesting. but too pink. And the underwear may be a bit much.

Yaarh! Tis me Blog is funny. My nephew might like it.

Rampart’s background is what looks like the notebook R got which had computer parts on the outside. It’s background is even the same green. Maybe that is what it is.

Off the Wall has a wild/weird/unusual picture of a sculpture. I’d like to know where that one is. And what it was titled.

Garden Log has a unique outside. It caught my attention. But I am not a gardener. And it isn’t useful enough for multifunctioning.

If I were going to go for a plainer look, I would do Flex.

I also want one where what you have already clicked on recently changes color. I like that. It helps my brain cells not have to work. (I guess that’s not good, though, huh? Oh well. I like it anyway.)

Overall… Too much wallpaper and too blah colors. But then, I’m a bright and crazy kind of girl. Rooms in my house are coral, red, purple. I have a blue pear staring at me from an oil painting in my living room. I like jewel tone colors.