Seminal Blog Entries

I think that if R and I are going to redo my blog, the theme, that there are some other things I would like to do.

One of those things is to put up front, up top, somewhere easily visible, seminal blog entries. Those that I wrote that impact me the most or express an idea that I think is most interesting. I would kind of like to do that for each category. Not sure how that would look.

But I can at least put it in a post.

This entry on faith would be a basic statement of why I believe.

Why a Good God Would Allow Suffering. I wrote it. It’s reasonable. Sometimes I need to re-read it.

How do you know there is a God?

100 Things I Like about My Husband

100 Things about Me

Teaching, a short summary of me and teaching.

Academic Philosophy. This is a response to a post. It gives what I think about the post, about teaching, about being an adjunct, and about my blog.

From quiz and info I picked 20 Questions: Favorites. The quiz asked, and I answered, all kinds of favorite questions.

In my rants I have MIddle Class Life.

This was on rants, but it is also on reading. Reading and Responding to a Rant is all about a guy who insulted me, you, folks we know on what they read and then disconnected my comment from his site. Even though the comment was very cordial. Let him know he was WRONG, but cordial.

Prejudice is actually on the prejudice against homeschooling and my response.

Since homeschooling is one of the unique things about my life, I thought I would put out several of the most important homeschooling entries that I have filed:
1. Homeschooling: Pros and Cons This is the blog entry that set the most people off. Most of the comments were lost when I moved from Blog City, but some of them are listed below.
2. Homeschooling Responses
3. Homeschooling, 3 Responses
4. Two Comments on Homeschooling, and My Response
5. Homeschooling, Comments and Teachers