Books I’ve Read: 357-369

As mentioned before, I am attempting to keep a list of the books I have read up on the net. Here are 357-369. Btw, this is day 170 of the year. So two books a day would be 340. I’m past that.

Mission Alive!by Gailyn Van Rheenen
The Status of Missions in the Churches of Christ by Gailyn Van Rheenen
Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson
100 Little Dastardly Detective Stories– mediocre collection of third rate stories, mostly. Glad I only paid $1 for it.
The Life of Benvenuto Cellini- a much shortened story of his life, taken from the Autobiography, and nothing about the amazing animals/monsters which were my reason for wanting to purchase the book in the first place. But I learned about Cellini. Since I know his work, it is good to know something of his life as well.
The Discovery of King Arthur by Geoffrey Ashe

Unconditional Surrender by Joanna Wayne
Tall, Dark, and Wanted by Morgan Hayes
Someone Safe by Lori L. Harris
His Case, Her Child by Linda Style

Thirty Days by Lillian Darcy
Degree of Innocence