I just found an interesting blog Intellectuelle. It’s a group blog of women talking about Christianity. It’s about their lives. It’s about apologetics.

I read it and was embarrassed for the blog on penis size, but, you know, I was wondering about it since I read that entry in Reuters and intellectual curiousity, even of the mostly useless type, helps keep me going.

I read their entries introducing themselves and was amazed. I cannot imagine doing what Hannah did. (I thought I married quickly!) And I am amazed at her ability to adapt to a new land and culture. I was thrilled that Lexie, Bonnie and Samantha homeschool. (Being a homeschooler I am a bit prejudiced, but…) I went to other sites from their posts.

It’s a great new place to read and think. I ask myself, again, if the intellectual pursuit is lost in the quick notes of a day and, if it is, if the loss is great.