Environment Matters

Twins grow apart as they age says a study from news@nature.com. Twins, who are virtually identical when born, change as they grow older. And the only reason for that to happen is environment.

The article includes pictures of genes, with glowing red and green to show the changes.

But the important thing here is that Environment Matters.

It isn’t important that your birth father was a serial killer and your birth mother died of AIDS she contracted after you were born and given up for adoption.

Okay, maybe it will matter a little bit. It matters because you know you may have a tendency to engage in risky behaviors. (Of course, you already know that.)

But it isn’t the tell in the long run. The MOST important thing in your life are your personal decisions. And, by the way, the fact that you grew up in a Christian home with loving committed parents gives you a net gain that your birth parents probably didn’t have.

Environment changes your genes. Surely it can change your attitude and your responses as well.

(Note: This is not written to my husband, who is adopted, but is specifically a response to an acquaintance from church who was devastated to find that his parents were “not good people.”)