Murderer Planned His Crimes

I read, just in the last two days, the blog of the murderer of the family who stole two of the children and probably murdered the small boy. I got the link off another blog, but right now I can’t find it.

The weblog of the wacko himself is Fifth nail.

It is quoted in BBC news.

I think the guy set it up before he went and committed his crimes. I think he knew they would look at his blog. He says demons got to him. (That’s not in the BBC quotes.) It is, however, in the Wired News article.

I think he was setting it up so he’d get off on an insanity plea. The work is too well written to be by a crazy.

1 thought on “Murderer Planned His Crimes

  1. Hi Suzi,
    You have a great blog. I can’t get your buttons in the sidebar tow ork unfortunately – maybe its my IE browser? No menu opens.
    As for the wacko – I’ll take a look at that. Could very well be that he was setting it up for an insanity plea. In a way it is insane – it’s selfishness to the extreme what he did.

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